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About Us

American Foliage is a multi-functional design and d├ęcor company specializing in artificial and live foliage. You are welcome to drop by our main office and browse our inventory. For our national and international customers; we are more than happy to serve you via phone, fax or email.

Based in Manhattan and serving a national clientele, we have also accommodated the design needs for overseas productions and film shoots. Our executive team offers businesses and private clients a broad scope of customized/personalized services and products available for rent or purchase at competitive rates. We will work with your concept, providing the design, construction and installation services needed to make your vision a reality.

What makes American Foliage an industry leader in set and event design is the comprehensive nature of our business. We provide services for a wide variety of settings and purposes that include corporate events, theater and film sets, as well as private events such as weddings, parties and outside decor.

We will tailor a service and product package to your specific requirements. Please contact us for further information.